Expired Film Day 2016 results: 2012 Efke R100

1938-39 Ford truck
A 1938-39 Ford one-and-one-half-ton truck at the Rocky Mountain Pumpkin Ranch outside of Longmont, Colo. I love how this seems to have the classic Brownie “jump off the page a bit” look. (Daniel J. Schneider)

I kept one roll of Efke R100 127 film in the fridge for years, lamenting its discontinuation and waiting for something to try it in. It expired in there.

I promised some recent Portra 160VC would be the next Expired Film Day 2016 post, but I’d forgotten about this Efke. The developed negatives have been in an Edward Weston book with all my other photography books stacked on top of it for a month. It’s still curled and difficult to scan.

Kodak Brownie Bullet
My Kodak Brownie Bullet and my last roll of Efke R100 127 film. I figured it was about time to try another 127 camera. And, I realized, I have a roll of 127 Verichrome for next year. (Daniel J. Schneider)

It’s been awhile since I’ve tested a 127 camera, in large part due to the lack of availability of film. There are a few options available from Blue Moon Camera in Portland, and from The Frugal Photographer, but they aren’t cheap.

When Expired Film Day rolled around, I loaded up a lot of uncertainty. One reason I loaded the Kodak Brownie Bullet was to give it a test, sure, but another was that the Efke film was brand new when I put it in the fridge, and I know the film well. It was my guaranteed success, frankly.

The results were exactly what one would expect from a 127 Brownie camera — no matter what the camera looks like, the exposures always seem substantially the same. Soft at the far reaches of the frame, sharper than you think in the middle. Easy to use, easy to load. The Brownie is magic.

Downtown Lyons, Colo.
A little motion blur as cars drive through downtown Lyons, Colo., as the sunset approaches. (Daniel J. Schneider)

The Brownie Bullet was apparently a promotional item, possibly a giveaway-with-purchase or something similar. It’s identical in every way except the name on the front plate to the Brownie Holiday Flash.

The Efke R100 expired in September, 2012. I bought it new in 2010. I developed it in HC-110H (1:63) for 11 minutes at 68°F.

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Longmont liquor store
A liquor store on Main Street in Longmont, Colo. Signs nearly obscure the windows, except the drive-through windows facing the alley. (Daniel J. Schneider)
Mountain View Cemetery in Longmont
Mountain View Cemetery, at the corner of Main Street and Mountain View Avenue in downtown Longmont. Mature trees line many of the cemetery’s avenues and lend an air of serenity. (Daniel J. Schneider)
The old jail in Longmont, Colo.
A lot of contrast and some perspective. The edges of the frame are sharper than some Brownies I’ve tested. (Daniel J. Schneider)
Log pile near Longmont
A log pile just off the highway between Longmont and Lyons, Colo., which drew me in with promises of complex textures and contrast. (Daniel J. Schneider)
Quality Liquors sign
The Quality Liquors sign on Main Street in Longmont, Colo. I just liked the swooping arrow. The faint clouds cooperated all day on Expired Film Day, March 15, 2016. (Daniel J. Schneider)