Documentary storytelling is what I hope most do with my photography, and what I feel is most rewarding.

Window Washer Waxman in the Window Street musician on 16th Street Mall Ford Galaxie 500 on Cinco de Mayo Aurora theater shooting makeshift memorial Mark Rhoads plays guitar High Park Fire emergency shelter High Park Fire smoke Occupy Denver evection October 13-14, 2011 Occupy Denver demonstrator portraits Roping a calf at the AQHA Working Ranch Horse Classic Wadsworth Ridge under cloud and smoke A flag-carrying drummer rallies Occupy Denver demonstrators Chainsaw carving by Travis Reed
On Oct. 13, 2011, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper announced that Occupy Denver demonstrators must not camp in Lincoln Park near the state Capitol and that the park's 5 a.m.-11 p.m. open hours must be respected. That evening, after numerous requests by Colorado State Patrol for protesters to leave the park and many opportunities to end the tense situation without a standoff, arrests, or any other unpleasantness, police were finally forced to evict the demonstrators forcibly. (Daniel J. Schneider)