This week No. 40: It’s #ExpiredFilmDay!

Spotmatic and Kodacolor II
Pentax Spotmatic SP with Super-Multi-Coated Takumar 28mm f/3.5 and 50mm f/1.4 lenses, and Kodak Kodacolor II that expired in July, 1977. (Daniel J. Schneider)

This will be a relatively quick update, mostly with pictures of what I’m planning to take out with me. I have the whole day to spend, so I’m gearing up pretty heavily.

First, some station-keeping tidbits:

Kodak Super-XX 616 film
My Kodak Super-XX 616 film expired in Nov. 1956. Check out this awesome green backing paper. (Daniel J. Schneider)

1. As of yesterday, The Impossible Project has come on board to offer even more prizes for your expired film photos. They’re looking for creative use of light, and offering some sweet instant film swag.

2. You can start submitting your photos for consideration … today! I probably won’t be adding mine to the pool for awhile because, as you’ll see, there may be quite a few and it will take me time to get them all developed. But if you’ve still got 1-hour photofinishing in your area, have at it! Additionally, since I’m out shooting, I won’t start approving submissions until tonight or tomorrow. Check back then!

3. My Leica is reportedly fixed and ready for pickup. Because a) I’ll have to head to Longmont to get it and b) I’d love to try it out on Expired Film Day, I will therefore c) be heading toward Longmont, Colo., at the beginning of my Expired Film Day.

4. Remember to tweet a photo of your film, your camera, your location — whatever and tag it #ExpiredFilmDay. Show me how much fun you’re having for a chance to win cool prizes! I’ll be retweeting as many #ExpiredFilmDay tweets as I can during the course of the day — assuming my battery holds out!

Alright, enough minor updates. Let’s get to the cool stuff!

The things I carried

Agfa film, Agfa camera
Agfa Isopan FF film (ASA 16) loaded up in the Agfa B2 Speedex. The style of the markings reminds me of Efke film, of which I’m a big fan. (Daniel J. Schneider)

I’ve got so much expired film I can’t even decide what to take. I picked out a selection of a couple of really old films, some middling-old films, and a couple just past the date.

Up above you can see I’m taking a roll of Kodacolor II that expired in 1977 with my Pentax Spotmatic SP and a couple Takumar lenses — 28mm and 50mm.

I have the initial film loaded in half a dozen cameras, and plenty of spare film. I’m hoping to focus a bit more on details than I normally do. We’ll see how things come out.

I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story here.

Kodak Kodacolor II
Kodak Kodacolor II out of the box. Check out the striped caps on the cassette, the British spelling of “colour” (the film was made in England), and the logo on the canister cap. (Daniel J. Schneider)
Kodak Brownie Bullet
My Kodak Brownie Bullet and my last roll of Efke R100 127 film. I figured it was about time to try another 127 camera. And, I realized, I have a roll of 127 Verichrome for next year. (Daniel J. Schneider)
Ilford XP1
A roll of Ilford XP1 is in my pile of backup expired film. I may not shoot it this year, but if not, i’ll keep it around for next year. (Daniel J. Schneider)
Six-16 Brownie Junior
My Six-16 Brownie Junior, all fixed up, and an unopened roll of Kodak Super-XX. It’s ASA 100 film, and I hope bright sun with a box camera will overexpose it a stop or so, and I might push it one stop in development, too. (Daniel J. Schneider)
Agfa Silette and Plus-X
A recent acquisition, this Agfa Silette checks out as near-flawless. The Kodak Plus-X 125 film expired in 2003, but I bet it will hold up okay and I will probably expose it at ASA 80. (Daniel J. Schneider)
Pentax 6x7 and expired films
I will, of course, be taking the 6×7 and lenses along, as well as a selection of expired 220 film in a variety of stocks in case I get on a roll. (Daniel J. Schneider)

If you’re seeing this, you can assume I’m out working on this stockpile. You should be, too! Happy Expired Film Day to all! Time for me to hit the road…

Agfa B2 Speedex and Isopan FF
I’ve never used this Agfa B2 Speedex before, but everything works — the shutter speeds are even almost spot on. I’m using it to expose a mid-1950s roll of Agfa Isopan FF. It’s ASA 16 film, which I think I’ll expose at ASA 4 and push one stop. (Daniel J. Schneider)