In my bag this week No. 9: Kodak Signet 50 and a whole new look

Kodak Signet 50 front
A front view of the Kodak Signet 50, a plasticky 35mm camera with zone focusing and a big, fat rewind knob. (Daniel J. Schneider)

Last week I let you know I had a Mamiya RB67 on loan. But at the same time I’ve been carrying a Kodak Signet 50 around, too. And, you know, redesigning my website.

First things first: The Kodak Signet 50 is similar many ways to the Kodak Pony II that I tested a couple years ago.

Like the Pony II, the Signet 50 is zone focused and has a bright-line viewfinder. The Signet 50 has two parallax lines, though, and once you fire the shutter, the word “WIND” slides into the lower-right corner to explain why you can’t press the release again.

Kodak Signet 50 exposure card
The Kodak Signet 50 came with an exposure card for Kodachrome daylight film. Both ASA 25 and ASA64 Kodachrome were considered daylight, but this card was probably for the ASA 25. (Daniel J. Schneider)

The winder is on the bottom and has a very short throw. The bulk of the camera is plastic. It has a selenium meter and uses an exposure value guide system — check out the Kodachrome Daylight-type film card that came with the Signet 50.

I’ve been testing this with the AkaMeter accessory rangefinder I mentioned a few weeks ago, too. Remembering to transfer the distance from the rangefinder to the lens needs practice, though — so far, at least twice I’ve fired the shutter after focusing the rangefinder and without subsequently focusing the camera. Oh well.

Side note: This week’s installment marks my 101st post on this blog. I didn’t realize until well after it was published that last week’s was the 100th.

Additional side note: I’m changing the title of this feature slightly.

Third side note: This is the first post on my new…

Redesign and move

So yeah, here’s the really big news.

If you visit my site regularly you may have noticed the completely new look. If you’ve bookmarked my old site, at, you’ll want to update those bookmarks. Fear not — the redirect will be in place for several years, at least. Nevertheless, if you’ll turn your gaze up to your address bar for a moment, you’ll see the domain is now

I’ve owned this domain for most of a year, finally giving in to wanting a domain that was closer to my actual name, and which fit with my online branding (I’m schneidan on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, and so on…). In advance of Google changing the way it treats sites based on the sites’ mobile usability, I’ve finally launched the new domain with my new, mobile-focused look.

So please, tear apart my new design! Let me know what works and what doesn’t, what you like and what you don’t. By all means, please share with your friends and family and ask their help. I’m not exactly making money on the site, so paying professional UX testers is out of the question — I am relying on the gracious help of my readers, friends, followers and family!

In advance: THANKS!

Kodak Signet 50 top
Kodak Signet 50, looking down from above. The selenium meter moves the dial at the right and you transfer the exposure value to the lens. (Daniel J. Schneider)