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Just getting started with (or back into) film? Seen something on my website you’ve always wanted to add to your collection? On a limited budget? These are cameras and accessories I’ve reviewed or bought but no longer need. Limited shelf space forces me to keep my collection moving, and I’d love to see these find good new homes.

Everything listed works as the manufacturer intended unless otherwise noted. If you have a question or want to make an offer, drop me a line!

All prices are in U.S. Dollars (USD) and payment is via PayPal. Continental U.S. shipping is included; buyers elsewhere must pay actual shipping (contact me with an address for an estimate). Multiple orders will be combined where possible, and all packages will be shipped by USPS and insured for an amount in excess of the purchase price. Orders are usually shipped in 3-5 business days. All items are being sold AS-IS and all sales are therefore final.

Bonus: I have a small supply of vintage camera straps (color, length and condition vary) and will include one random strap with any camera purchase upon request! I’m all out of camera straps!

Note: Some of these prices may appear high compared to eBay/etc., which is due to the included shipping costs. Bundling will reap discounts!

AgfaSiletteThis is a Type 1 Silette (the first version, introduced in 1953) with a Pronto leaf shutter and three-element 45mm f/3.5 Apotar lens. It's in superb cosmetic shape and mostly works. The film transport and advance may need a little tinkering as it occasionally binds or misses a frame, but overall it is usable as is. Some test photos with this camera.Camera onlyCosmetically, excellent; mechanically, good (but a little persnickety). Film tested.$15
Agfa-AncsoPB20 VikingA 6x9 folding 620 camera. Shows a lot of wear and weathering. Some rust. Bellows brittle and full of holes. Covering threadbare and falling off. Film advance sticks badly. Lens fogged, probably with fungus. Shutter works reasonably well, though. Definitely has some usable parts and might even be a candidate for restoration. Viking f/7.7 Anastigmat lens. Uses 620 film. My overview.Camera only.Rough. For parts. Not film tested.$15
BaldaPontinaA pre-war German 6x9 camera from 1937-38 with a 10.5cm f/4.5 Schneider-Kreuznach lens and Prontor II shutter. Fully functional and in pretty good shape for its age. Review and example photos.Camera only.Good. Film tested.SOLD!

The FED-5c is a Soviet rangefinder based on earlier copies of Zeiss Contax cameras. I have two FED-5c bodies, and one Industar 61-L/D lens (the Leitz lens in the photos is not included). Additionally, each body has an ever-ready carrying case, and one has the original box and (Russian) instruction manual. One body is missing the self-timer lever, but I have covered the hole to eliminate the light leak. The other body may need the rangefinder adjusted. The lens has a little internal dust but no fungus or scratches. Cases and box are in very good condition. Great introduction to Soviet cameras! My review and test photos.
Camera body (x2), Industar lens.Good. Film tested.$75
Hanimex35mm f/2.8 m42 lensFor a 'generic' lens, this is surprisingly good. 35mm is a great focal length, and the m42 mount is great with a lot of cameras. Some wear consistent with normal use, no significant dust or marks that affect image quality. Would be a great companion for the Fujica ST-605n listed above (and will include it for half price!). I have a generic rear cap for it, but no front. Mentioned in my review of the Pentax Spotmatic, which includes some example photos.Lens, rear cap.Very good.$20
ImperialSatellite 127A relatively simple 127 box camera with a flash attachment. Includes original box in excellent condition. Uses 127 film. My review and sample photos.Camera, flash and original box.Mint. Film tested.$35
KodakBrownie BulletA very compact 127 film box camera that makes 4x6.5cm pictures. Black Bakelite and braided leather carrying strap. Some test photos from this camera.Camera only.Good. Film tested.$10
KodakBrownie Holiday FlashA very compact 127 film box camera that makes 4x6.5cm pictures. Brown or maroon Bakelite and braided leather carrying strap. Also has a flash attachment. Basically identical to the Brownie Bullet above.Camera and flash.Good. Film tested.(photo forthcoming)$10
KodakDuaflex IIIA simple, but fun, box camera with a TLR-style viewfinder. Uses 620 roll film. The attached Kodalite Flasholder is also in excellent shape. Original strap included.Camera and flashgun.Very good. Film tested.$15
KodakKodalite Flasholder 91FA gorgeous Kodalite flashgun for the Brownie Bulls-Eye or Duaflex III/IV in beautiful brown Bakelite. Box and clip-on flash guard included. Not tested, but thoroughly examined inside and out. Free with another purchase!Flashgun, flash guard and original box.Excellent. Not tested.$10
KodakTourist IIA big 6x9 folding camera with a decent lens. Everything works. There are a couple tiny pinholes in the corners of the bellows, but as long as you keep it closed until you make a picture they don't seem to contribute much fogging at all. 1/50 sec. fixed shutter speed and four aperture settings (f/12.5, f/16, f/22 and f/32). Uses 620 film. Includes matching Kodalite B-C Flasholder complete with bracket and original box. My review and sample photos.Camera, Kodalite B-C Flasholder and original neck strap.Camera: Good. Flashgun: Excellent. Film tested.$25
Mar-CrestMar-Crest toy cameraA simple Bakelite snap-shot camera from the famed Chicago Cluster. Rebadged as the Roy Rogers and Dick Tracy cameras, among others, and the inspiration for the Lomography Sprocket Rocket's design. Uses 127 film. My review.Camera and original box.Camera: Very good. Box: Fair. Film tested.$30
MinoltaAutopak 600-XA 126 film camera with automatic exposure (automatically-controlled aperture). Sharp 38mm f/2.8 lens with zone focus via a funky knob on the side. Strange but attractive design. Sturdy plastic construction. Appears to work great, but not film tested. Uses MagiCubes for flash. Free with another purchase!Camera only.Very good. Not film tested.$10
Polaroid600 Business EditionA more advanced 600 camera with an integrated flash and close-up filter. Everything works great and looks great. Ready to go, just needs a film pack! More about this camera and some photos made with it.Camera only.Excellent. Film tested.SOLD!
PolaroidMio (Instax Mini)A great little Instax Mini camera (a.k.a. Polaroid Mio and/or Polaroid 300). Works exactly as designed and is in fantastic shape. Came to me refurbished and has a good battery, and the original box. 60mm lens and integral flash. My review of this camera.Camera and box.Excellent. Film tested.$40
PolaroidSpirit 600Super simple Polaroid 600 camera. Works perfectly and in great shape. Does not have a flash or a close-up filter built-in. More about this camera and some photos made with it.Camera only.Excellent. Film tested.$20
PolaroidSquare Shooter 2A solid-bodied Land Camera for use with (long-discontinued) Type 88 film. Seems to work, as far as I can tell. Not tested with film. In excellent condition. Naugahide carrying bag is also in excellent condition. Might be ripe for hacking into Instax Wide or something?Camera and original carrying case.Good. Not film tested.$15
PrakticaLTL 3A screw-mount SLR camera made in East Germany. Stop-down TTL metering. Uses 35mm film. Cosmetically this camera looks good, but the shutter and light meter do not function. Parts/donor camera? Includes Pentacon 50mm f/1.8 lens and ever-ready case (good condition except for plastic knob on mounting screw. Screw still functions).Camera body, lens and case.For parts.$20
Spartus"120"A shiny black Bakelite 120 box camera that would make a great addition to any box camera collection. Fantastic Art Deco design cues and surprisingly good images. Very good condition and fully functional. This seems to be a less common Spartus camera. My review and test photos.Camera only.Very good. Film tested.$20